Baby Feeding

Mam Bottle Feeding
  • The protective cap seals the teat to make transporting the bottle easy, with no drips or spills.
  • Wide neck makes the bottle easy to fill.
  • Made out of polypropylene (PP) and do not contain any Bisophenol A.
330ml: RM29.50 Now: RM28.00
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270ml: RM25.00 Now: RM23.90
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Mam Ultivent Silk Teat (2pcs/set)

  • The Silk Teat is specially designed to feel just like your skin.
  • The silky textured and design mimics the shape and feel of your breast, encouraging your baby to suckle.
  • The teat is thin, soft, and with its silky surface, creates the comfortable feeling of skin.
  • It is flat and symmetrical. This promotes natural sucking behaviour in your child, which promotes your child's jaw development.
  • Available in few sizes of teat:-
  • Slow flow: Size 1
  • Medium flow: Size 2
  • Fast flow: Size 3
  • Super fast flow: Size X
Normal Price: RM24.00
Now: RM23.00